newprofilephotoI’ve been working in the digital world  for over fifteen years. First corporates, through digital agencies and quangos and then into the public sector.

I was recognised as a leading UK digital civil servant and helped to shape the agenda for better use of digital by government. I devised and implemented the first government department digital strategy, managed many high profile government websites, and founded Govcamp and Teacamp.

I blogged about my time in Whitehall as Whitehall Webby.

I took a few years out to bring up my young children. It’s the toughest job I’ve ever done. In and around that I helped organisations use the web better to communicate, interact and transact. I showed them how to navigate that intersection of organisations/government, technology, customer/citizens and services.

Now I’m back in the civil service, with the Government Digital Service, helping to transform public services for the digital age.

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